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How to Wire a Dishwasher

The first step in how to wire a dishwasher is to make sure you have the proper electrical service available.  A dishwasher will need its own dedicated 20-A circuit run from the electrical panel.  Typical wiring will consist of 12-2 Romex.  If you have something less than that for a service, you should check the specifications carefully on your dishwasher and make sure it will not overload your circuit.

The Romex is usually wired straight into the dishwasher although I have seen cases where folks have an outlet behind their dishwasher.  In this case a plug and cord can be used.  If you are in this situation, be sure your cord uses 12 gauge wire and not something smaller.  Cutting off an old lamp cord that you don't use anymore is not how to wire a dishwasher.

Instructions for How to Wire a New Dishwasher:


The next step in how to wire a dishwasher is to get the power cable into the junction box.  Double check that power is disconnected at the break panel to to dishwasher!

To access the wiring junction box, use a nut driver or screw driver to remove the two base plate screws on the front of the dishwasher. On the right side of the unit will be a metal junction box. Usually, you'll need a nut driver to remove the cover bolt. Once removed, you'll see a ½” hole where the wire will be installed using a Romex connector. Stick six inches of wire into the connector and tighten.

Be sure to leave extra wires (3-4 feet) looped behind the dishwasher so it can be pulled away from the wall for servicing down the road.


The next step in how to wire your dishwasher is to make the electrical connections to the dishwasher.

Within the junction box, splice the black hot wire from the branch-circuit cable to the black hot wire from the dishwasher; cap with a wire connector. Then, do the same with the white neutral wires. Lastly, splice the bare copper grounding wire to the green appliance wire (if present), or connect it to the green grounding screw in the dishwasher's junction box to complete the appliance wiring.

That's it.  Replace the cover plate on the junction box and you are done. Turn on the breaker on you are ready to go.


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