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 How to Remodel a Tile Shower - DIY

Remodel Tile Shower Instructions   

Is your shower growing mold in the corners, leaking through the ceiling below, or just in general need of a remodel?  This website will walk you through the step-by-step process of a proper tile shower installation that will leave you with a trouble-free, well draining shower for the life of your house.

Step 1: Shower Demolition

Step 2: How to Replace a Shower Drain

Step 3: How to Make Shower Deck Mud

Step 4: How to Build a Shower Floor 1 (Curb and Pre-slope)

Step 5: How to Build a Shower Floor 2 (Liner, Drain, Final Slope)

Step 6: How to Install Shower Backerboard

Step 7: How to Build a Waterproof Shower Bench

Step 8: How to Tile Shower Floor

Step 9: How to Tile and Grout Shower Walls