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Exhaust Fan Wiring Diagram (with Fan Timer)

This exhaust fan or bathroom fan wiring configuration uses a fan timer switch along with a separate switch for controlling the built-in light. This is an excellent way to make sure the fan automatically kicks off after 20 or 30 minutes or whatever time you set. This saves valuable energy in your home and also allows you to leave the fan going when you leave the bathroom without having to worry about coming back to turn it off.  Fan timer switches come in many varieties.  Manual dial timer switches have been around for years but you can also find newer timer switches with several buttons to set the time you wish the fan to run.  In either case, the wiring is pretty much the same.  The electronically controlled timers will also have a neutral line connection which is just tied into the white neutral wire nut with the two other white wires in the switch box.


Exhaust Fan Wiring(Light Switch and Fan Timer) - (pdf, 1130kb)


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